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These 4 kinds of office chairs must not buy

Release time:2016-12-16 11:43:33

The first: air pressure stick without safety certification of the seat not to choose

December 2009, who lives in Shandong Jiaozhou New Street Village 14 years old boy out as usual, sitting rotating and lifting chair online, but not want to happen, the rotary chair suddenly exploded, the chair upright pressure rod into the Taotao hips, the chest is a small piece of breakdown, caused by respiratory function failure death.


May 2010, Fujian, a woman due to the pressure of the explosion of the explosion of a serious injury on the spot, the hip was injured, the rectum was torn a hole, the vagina also wore a hole. After the inspection of the chairs shopping documents, no factory name, site, telephone and other information.


In June 2015, "a Xiamen chair lift and a girl" of the explosion, the computer chassis was open, the chair completely broke, 20 cm long pressure rod out of the middle of the chair "channeling", the breakdown of the girl's body, a lot of blood flow,. After 5 hours of surgery, doctors removed from the injured gut more than a dozen pieces of the chair, it was shipped out of danger.


An article entitled "rotating chair murder, what kind of chair do you sit on?". The netizen said: "we can not stand the comfortable chair, but can not bear the hurt chair!" all of this tragedy is the source of these non brand name or the use of inferior seat pressure without safety certification of national and industry good, did not happen tragedy evidence claims.


So in the purchase of the seat, firstly, it is recommended to select some well-known brands is safe, then to see the pressure rod is safe, normal pressure rod in rod body engraved with the brand of Logo and related parameters, which can show no label factory production ask sales pressure rod, there is no country by ISO9001 safety and quality certification and SGS safety certification, and asked him to produce the relevant documents. Again to see if there is a seat under the 2-4 mm thickness of the whole plate, even if the gas explosion, there is a layer of safety protection.


Second: do not rely on the back seat

To buy a seat is used to meet the people's needs and comfortable sedentary, on less than the back seat is the most cheating, seat has been filled, but the back cushion is too long, or not to rely on the back of the chair, had no choice but to leaning on the back, not half an hour, certainly the waist pain.


So in the selection of the seat, must try to sit down, the length of the cushion to the front to back knee fossa, just by firmly is appropriate in the back of the chair, let the cushion as much as possible contact area of the hips and thighs, increase the contact area, reduce the unit pressure, body to sit long not tired.


If the seat with a cushion depth adjustment function is better, you can adjust the depth of the seat cushion according to their legs, so that they sit more comfortable.

The third kind: the cushion does not have the elasticity not to ventilate the seat not to choose.


The seat on the market generally is divided into three kinds, the first kind is leather + sponge, second is the net cloth and sponge, there is a pure net cloth, the three seat if you use the material belongs to high quality products, it will be very breathable and comfortable. The real leather is very breathable, breathable leather and leather is posing as inferior leather, but leather seats usually cost more expensive; the net cloth and sponge cushion is most common, good cushion sponge filled several years inside still has a lot of energy, the use of inferior inferior cushion sponge. Just started when sitting could be very soft, but after a long time sitting inside the sponge filling will collapse, people like sitting on the plate; mesh fabric cushion because it can make people's eyes can see the air, so the market has been respected, but the seat is very pure fabric defects. General material mesh service life compared with net cloth and sponge cushion is much shorter, after all, is the most important part of the human body seat cushion to withstand the weight of the body, and different mesh in quality and health aspects of the gap is particularly large .


Teach you a test method, to see how the cushion texture, we can be a little longer for a while, if the cushion is quickly restored, then prove that the seat is not easy to deformation. Then the front edge of the cushion to have a downward spiral, so that the knee joint can reduce friction and contact, will not squeeze into the thigh, so it will be beneficial to human health.


Fourth: the chair foot is not strong unstable seat can not choose

Why do you say that? Because small make up the house to buy a cheap chair of the chair, and even lost...... If I did not pay attention, if the rollover, the consequences could be disastrous, if it is a child at home! It's too dangerous. There are some unreasonable design of seats, as long as the side back and back will tilt, stability is the important data is tipping risk test of a desk chair on the front after working on the lateral displacement and other activities, consumers can adjust seat to most likely to turn to the state, divided into four steps: first adjustable in accordance with the "QianJinHouSong" to adjust (i.e. forward tilting when adjusted to the most tight, backward tilting when adjusted to the pine); and then the lifting seat should be transferred to the highest; then tilting directions should be easy to find any five-star foot feet, finally with palm pressing the seat at the edge of the vertical downward force, we can clearly feel the ability of tilting seat. If the stability is not good, usually with a little force, the chair will turn over.


In order to the health and safety of the body, responsible for their own body, but also in order to eliminate the possibility of danger, the above four seats do not choose.


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