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How to choose the popular fashion home fashion color color home fashion color

Release time:2016-12-16 11:09:23

In the face of a variety of colors and diverse home colors, how do we choose to buy modern fashion home fashion color tone? Let's take a look at the following 7 colors


1, red:

In the color red in the family, including a series of fascinating color: purple represents the human desire for plant life; coke red as the volcano and the embers of karst water; the sun slowly infiltrated pink...... If the red wall with a black fireplace and yellow ornaments, can produce a noble feeling; and pink walls with red roses, but also a romantic. In short, the red color of the human warmth, rich human living environment, create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.


2, yellow:

Color experts believe that because of the lovely yellow mature, elegant and natural, making the color system is becoming popular. The fruit has a soft, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, and a warm, yellow and warm. In the layout of the room, placed in front of the yellow walls of the white vase or with black lacquer wood ornaments, are extremely perfect match.


3, neutral warm color:

Neutral warm colors offer a range of pleasing and balanced color choices. These subtle colors for people's living environment rendering a quiet and peaceful feeling. What is neutral warm color? Experts explained that the color of coffee, cream, earth, moss and dry vegetation. These colors elegant, simple, with white lines clean and simple wood; with dark wood grave and elegant.


4, green:

Can imagine: in the heat of summer, before the tender green walls placed on a pale green vase filled with purple flowers, how refreshing, how comfortable things. Indeed, the charm of green is that it shows the inspiration of nature, so that people can be released in an intense life. Experts said that green has been integrated into this year's trend. Bamboo, lotus leaf and cactus, belong to the natural green block; seaweed, seaweed, moss like color will be green to gray brown, very subtle; and the forest green is a sense of stability.


5, blue:

The traditional blue often become the embodiment of modern decorative design in the tropical, the color family includes a series of cool color, blue water from the atmosphere, to the navy. If you have a small courtyard home, may wish to brush the outer walls of the residential blue and white color, and then set up a white wooden table, put a few plants, a European country style to create a.


6, purple:

Purple is fragile and delicate, always gives the infinite romantic association. Fashion respected purple, with a little gray, slightly neutral. With the skills are: in the purple room, you can add some yellow, such as the yellow flowers, can let the quiet atmosphere becomes active. If the wall is blue and purple, in the choice of fabric, you can try the white stripes or pure white.


7, neutral cool:

A variety of neutral cool colors, starting with the perfect gray, has been the transition to green or blue. These colors are often used in modern materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These represent the basis of the construction of the neutral color seems to be born with high-tech, urbanization life equal. So, grayish purple walls should accompany the white bedroom door or white flowers collocation; and light gray with dark green walls match furniture, more simple and fresh.


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