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G20 the world's influential "colleagues" are sitting in this chair

Release time:2016-12-16 11:22:48

September 4th, the G20 summit in Hangzhou officially opened, President Xi Jinping in the opening speech, said the opening of the leaders of the various economies as "dear colleagues"!


The morning of September 4th, the BRICs leaders' informal meeting ", the five leaders and seat art collective appearance.


This conference chair is the eternal art for the G20 summit effort to build, behind its implication, not only is the aesthetic insight into the world, but also the ability to challenge the Chinese seat. Zhang Jiayong chairman said: "how fortunate, let us have the opportunity in front of the house, to show the world Chinese manufacturing!"


This classic seat, every exquisite design details, demanding each raw materials, pay attention to each production process, truly "the doctrine, all the way to the subtle, permanent art with real power G20 ingenuity.


Finally, again revealed a message on the G20 summit, "Anji elements" multiple appearance, permanent art chair industry colleagues have four different products involved in the summit, is also the Anji chair industry "good friend" of Anji bamboo industry have a wonderful performance.



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