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You should know these details when buying office furniture!

Release time:2016-12-16 11:40:13

Office furniture is the actual operation needs of modern enterprises, reflecting the image of the enterprise, business marketing needs, but also can be regarded as the second employees. In order to reflect the enterprise culture, spirit, taste, scale and economic strength, the choice of office furniture is considered to consider practical and artistic consideration; since it is, of course, furniture. The following small series to introduce the five major details of the purchase of office furniture:

1, enterprise taste and fashion combination:


1, enterprise taste and fashion combination:

Each enterprise has its own industrial characteristics, combined with the modern trend, to create their own unique characteristics of the office furniture environment, ideas and models.



2, indoor layout coordination, scientific and reasonable:

Unreasonable interior layout, space, shape, color cumbersome complex office furniture, physiological and psychological imbalance will make people, stressful, depression and boredom, thus affecting human health, the impact of corporate image. The color of the room to choose dark office furniture, will form a heavy dark atmosphere. Office furniture color is too strong, not good-looking, easily tired.

On the other hand, shades of bright and spacious space, then color configuration simple, pleasant office furniture, will make people feel pleasant to read the item, feel comfortable, more easy to get along with people, work more efficient, harmonious, healthy and harmonious.

In addition, different functions of the room, the indoor office furniture style, color is different. General manager of the Department of Chinese style, western style points, the color is warm, cold, light, deep tone of the points, is a different color effects. Office, staff area according to industry, function is different, to meet the actual needs to design and layout. Coordination with the interior design and decoration, office furniture with the shape, color, function, hardware, such as the formation of coherent and consistent with the overall space.



3, Coordinate with ground material

Ceramic tile or marble floor, the choice of steel wood office furniture will increase the indoor cold atmosphere, it is recommended to use wood type office furniture and carpet in the local.



4, office furniture size, quality and function

Spacious room should choose large size of office furniture, and small space to choose large office furniture, will make the space congestion. The general staff, the lowest 800mm combined screen aisle high 1200mm, 1600mm ~ 1800mm, put off screen reception has double high 700mm, high 750 ~ 1500mm, high 750mm, conference desk, table, table 750mm high high 450mm, high 1800mm ~ 2000mm file cabinet.



5, there is no after-sales service

It is very important that the warranty period and free repair. Service is a business of second products, such as the strength of the Swiss Furniture Group has a good ability to respond to feedback, can quickly handle customer feedback problems.


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